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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Tehran’s Mojdeh Gallery is displaying a collection of calligraphic paintings that feature designs and motifs of Iranian nomad kilims.

The collection is composed of 18 canvases by 35-year-old artist Zahra Bahrami, whose works have also been displayed at exhibits in Indonesia, Russia and several other countries. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the showcase on Friday, Mojdeh Tabatabai, the owner of the gallery, said, “This exhibition enjoys two advantages: firstly, from the viewpoint of aesthetics, it presents something new in calligraphic painting.

“In addition, a female artist who has a lot of talent for calligraphic painting has featured her art in a perfect way at the exhibition.

“In calligraphic painting, we have many strong female artists that have been eclipsed by male artists in this field.”

Tabatabai asked the media to help introduce the female artists active in calligraphic painting.

Bahrami said that her interest in Persian kilims and carpets inspired her to use kilim designs and motifs in her artworks.

“I am very keen to learn to weave kilims and carpets, but I didn’t have the chance to realize the dream, so I decided to take parts of the designs and motifs used in kilims to calligraphy painting,” Bahrami added.

She lamented that the nomad designs of kilims are sinking into oblivion due to interventions of art dealers who imposed false urban designs on nomad weavers.

Bahrami’s works will be shown until September 1 at the gallery, which can be found at No. 27, 18th Alley off North Allameh Blvd. in the Saadatabad neighborhood.


“Mojdeh Gallery” Zahra Bahrami Mojdeh Art Gallery
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