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TEHRAN –(Iranart) he exhibition ‘Copy/Paste’ of artworks by artists based in Berlin, opened in Isfahan on Friday, June 23, in a bid to introduce new forms of contemporary art to Iranians.

Curated by two Iranian artists Shahram Entekhabi and Zartosht Rahimi, the exhibit is displaying works by 13 artists, Mehr News Agency reported.

The exhibit includes installations, photos, video art, performances and mixed media artworks.

The showcased works are the exact remake of the original works by the Berlin artists and recreated by local artists. Some of them sent only a part of their artwork and the remaining portion was completed by artists in Iran.

Some artists supervised the recreation process in person. The exhibit contains works on the subject of culture, environment, economics, identity, and media.

The works were earlier shown at Azad Art Gallery in Tehran in April.

“In contemporary art, what is important is the idea and concept and since an idea does not have a fixed form, the artist can present his/her idea with instructions to be created by others,” Rahimi said. Rahimi is a visual artist, art critic and curator who has been painting since a young age. He is also working on his own paintings to prepare them for a solo exhibition in fall.

The works will be on display at three galleries of Contemporary Creation, Aknoon and Safavi House in Isfahan until July 24.


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