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TEHRAN. (Iranart) - In collaboration with Kingston College, an exhibition of 56 Iranians artworks was held on May 10 in the Capital Art of London.

The student project was designed to help Iran art to find way into the global commercial art market. Marina Panahi, the brain behind the idea, says the exhibit was based on her final-year thesis. The strategic management graduate dubbed her thesis as Iran Art Joins the Global Commercial Art Market.

She adds, “The program was based on strategic studies in London to promote Iranian art to collectors and enthusiasts.

She further says, “Roots is the first-ever exhibition that was held at the Capital Art, one of the most prestigious international centres in Europe. The organisers have decided to hold the exhibition annually and include other topics as well.

According to Panahi, “Original artworks from 32 Iranian-British artists and those living in other parts of the world were on display. They were sold at knock-down prices. They were sold like cup cakes.”

She concluded by saying that reception was great, particularly from European visitors and academic centres. “We never thought of selling any items. Capacities are there to promote Iran art. The organisers realised that Iran art could be part of annual art fairs as well. This was an individual project, but surely it could have a selecting committee as of next year


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