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 The Turkish artist Havva Marta is displaying a selection of paintings from her series “Simorgh” and “Things” in an exhibition at Tehran’s Did Gallery. 

iranart : Entitled “Simorgh and Things”, the exhibition opened on Friday.

Marta’s “Simorgh” inspired by a mythical bird of the same name in Persian literature features her personal image of Simorgh.

“Part of this exhibit shows my studies about Simorgh, which is of great significance in Persian literature and of my own interest as well,” she has told the Persian service of Honaronline.

She added that she has viewed the world and the bird through her own perception and that she has focused on pictorial aspects of the Simorgh through her studies.

Her other works highlight the things that pass by unnoticed most of the time: small things, light things, and laughable things.

“I mainly have focused on colors, symbols and their reflections in a way to make the visitors ponder more, and this tendency towards symbols is like an incident which visualizes the depth of words,” she described.

Born in Samsun, Turkey, Marta is a graduate of the Ondokuz Mayis University (19 May University). She has held several solo exhibits in several Turkish cities and has attended several group exhibits in different countries.

The exhibition runs until Jan. 24 at the gallery located at No. 18 West 19 St., Ettehad St. in the Tehran Pars neighborhood.


Haava Marta Did Gallery
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