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Putting together of Iran's former President and US President-elect's paintings in a gallery in Tehran have gone to News headlines.

IRANART :  Two artists in group exhibition “BALLET IN THE FRESH AIR” in “A” Gallery have been drawn some paintings of Iran's former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and US President-elect Donald Trump's which have displayed in next to each other.



 Sheida Hassanpour is an artist who has painted Ahmadinejad and Hossein Tamjid is a painter of Trump;

 In this Exhibition artworks of twenty artists have been offered.

“BALLET IN THE FRESH AIR” has been launched from December 30 and will be continued to January 16 in “A” Gallery located in No. 7, Arshad Alley, Shahid Azodi Street, Karimkhan Blvd.


Ahmadinejad Trump A Gallery
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