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TEHRAN. (Iranart) – Chinese fashion reporter says it’s a great idea to combine clothing traditions and fashion ideas from the China and Iran.

Yin Lu is a fashion enthusiast from China. Here is Honaronline’s quick chat with her about the fashion industry and more.

On fashion trends she says:

I would say that I pay much attention to fashion trends and follow a lot of social media accounts. I enjoy shopping clothes and accessories online, mostly from top brands. I buy one or two items each year from international brands.

On traditional or local costumes:

I am quite interested in traditional clothes. When visiting museums or reading about them I find them very appealing. In China, there has been a “hanfu (Han people’s traditional costumes) renaissance movement” for more than a decade now where young enthusiasts of the Han costumes try to mix them with modern styles. I think it’s important that these beautiful, distinctive costumes be preserved and developed.

On Chinese fashion industry:

A few decades ago, the Chinese wore similar uniforms, including all types of work and school uniforms. They also loved to wear the green suits from the military uniforms. Now Chinese consumers are just like those from other countries in the world. People wear modern and stylish dresses and clothes. Domestic designs are also popular.

On Iranian and Chinese fashion cooperation:

I think it’s a great idea to combine clothing traditions and fashion ideas from the two countries. China and Iran have a long history with distinctive traditional clothes. I find the market is still dominated by a small number of established Western brands, and a combination like this might bring about more interesting ideas.


Yin Lu
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