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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – A collection of old posters collected by architect, painter, graphic designer and art researcher Mohammad Nasseripour is on display at Iran’s Museum of Graphic Design in Tehran.

Nasseripour, 76, who holds a master’s degree in art and architecture from Tehran University, has held  exhibitions in and outside Iran. During the course of his career he has created paintings, illuminations and miniature paintings.

The exhibition “Travel Season,” highlighted with a series of old travel posters, will run through August 22, Honaronline reported. Museum of Graphic Design is located on Esteqlal Blvd., between Baqeri Expressway and Estakhr Street.

Nasseripour has given his posters to the museum as a gift. “I had a collection of old posters which I gathered over several years. Last year, encouraged by Ebrahim Haqiqi, I gave the collection to the Museum of Graphic Design.”

Haqiqi is a graphic designer, calligraphist and photographer who has a number of works at the museum.

“The collection includes posters by renowned artists such as Haqiqi, Qobad Shiva and Morteza Momayez, which were designed on various occasions. Part of the collection was ordered in the 1960s by the National Tourist Organization (which, after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, was renamed as Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization) for promoting tourism.

This series of posters were designed by artists such as Houshang Kazemi, Parviz Dibaee, Asad Behrouzan and Jamal Khorraminejad,” Nasseripour said.

“I did my best to preserve the posters. Now I’m sure the museum has better means and facilities for their preservation. There is a good archive at the museum where works are kept in a good condition,” he said.

Travel Season also features some of Nasseripour’s own graphic arts. “These include posters, logos and other works I designed for projects in Iran, France and the US. Also included in the collection are a series of architectural designs and etudes.” 

source: Financial Tribune

Mohammad Nasseripour
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