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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Iranian artist Gholamali Taheri is working on his new collection featuring portraits of art and cultural luminaries.

“The collection contains the portraits of those poets, musicians and sculptors who lived over the past century,” Taheri told the Persian service of MNA on Saturday.

“I have so far completed the portraits of 18 poets and I plan to finish the collection with 80,” he added.

Taheri said that he wants the art and cultural luminaires to exist eternally in his portraits.

The artist is also working on a second project named “Contradiction”, highlighting the complexity of the behavior in mankind and the contradictions in their lifestyles. 

“I think our lives are full of contradictions and our behavior quite differs from our thoughts. We don’t act upon what we utter, and are not those individuals who we pretend in the society. These contradictions, which are sometimes rooted in the society, effect our behavior,” he explained.

The second collection includes figurative paintings mostly in expressionist style.


Gholamali Taheri
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