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TEHRAN. (Iranart) – C ontemporary Iranian-Australian artist Hossein Valamanesh, 68, is holding his first solo exhibit in Tehran where he was born.

‘Where Have I Come from’ is his conceptual exhibition at Aaran Art Gallery located at No. 5, Lolagar Alley, Neauphle-le-Chateau St., Honaronline reported.

On display are installations and sculptures that reflect the different stages, layers and aspects of the artist’s life. Some were created more than 20 years ago.

The show opened October 27, and will run through November 13 all days except Saturdays. Visiting hours are 1 to 7 pm.

At the heart of Valamanesh’s art lies the relationship between humans and the natural world and a sense of place informed by cultural history and personal memory.

In a note on the exhibit, director of the gallery Nazila Nobashari wrote: “The geometrical forms of his works, in close connection with roots of Iranian art and natural elements such as fire, earth and wood, are indications of an exploring mind.”

Valamanesh always considers the surrounding environment in creating his installation arts, be it streets, buildings or other venues. The same is true with his current exhibition at Aaran Art Gallery.

  Beyond the Natural World

“His art is rooted in earth, but with subtle references to beyond the natural world. There is light-heartedness in his art; while one can also observe thoughtfulness in every part of it. His commitment to nature and environment is easily palpable, making his works attractively humane,” the statement goes on.

He draws on Iranian culture, in particular poetry. His own memories of Iran, growing up in the remote town of Khash near the Pakistan border and later living in Tehran, infuse many of his works.

The multiple layers existing in his works are derived from his personal and social lives, which, as Nobashari said, is of two different cultures.

“Each installation art at the exhibit is a powerful work presentable as a standalone art. But together, the works serve as the signs of a message that conveys a coherent concept about connection.

This connection is the artist’s basic ideology. He is fascinated with the ultimate source and the core of all creations.”

Valamanesh was trained as an artist in Tehran before moving to Australia in 1973. His minimal and ritualistic works are also influenced by Aboriginal Australian art, in particular their simplicity. He opens a door through which one can glimpse at the transitional reality of “beyond the natural world.”


Hossein Valamanesh
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