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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – An international exhibition opened at the Art Bureau in Tehran on Tuesday to display posters on the massacre of Muslims in Myanmar and the atrocity of the country’s government that has caused thousands of these Muslims to flee to Bangladesh.

Seventy posters by artists from 19 countries, including China, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Italy, the U.S., Poland, Egypt and Algeria, have been selected for the exhibition, Art Bureau’s Visual Arts Department director Masud Shojaei-Tabtabai said earlier in a press release.

“This incident was so horrible and unexpected that the world public opinion was deeply affected,” he added.

He said that the exhibition is part of the strong response from international artists to the ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar government. 

A miniature painting titled “The Wings of the Heaven” on Mohsen Hojaji, an Iranian soldier who was killed by Daesh forces in Syria during August, was also unveiled on the sidelines of the exhibit.

The miniature, which has been created by Mehdi Farrokhi, is the sixth artworks made on Hojaji under the auspices of the Art Bureau.


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