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TEHRAN. (Iranart) - A theater troupe and a Persian music ensemble from Iran will be performing at Keller Theater in Cologne during October.

The performances will be held by Cologne-based Iranian director and playwright Alireza Kushk-Jalali’s troupe and Barbat Ensemble on October 5 and 6, the theater has announced.

Kushk-Jalali will direct Ashkan Khatibi and Reza Molai in “Monsieur Ibrahim” based on Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s novel “Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran”. 

Barbat features Puya Khoshravesh on kamancheh, Arman Sigarchi on barbat, Mani Khoshravesh on ney and Nima Khoshravesh on setar.

The group, which is composed of Persian musicians from the younger generation, will perform some of their own compositions.


Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt Alireza Kushk-Jalali Monsieur Ibrahim
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