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TEHRAN (Iranart) - ontemporary Armenian dramatist Karine Khodikian, 60, has sent a letter to the Iranian group performing her play' Arsen,' expressing gratitude and honor.

Arsen opened August 4 at Tehran City Theater and was planned to run for a month. But it came to a halt due to an incident for one of the thespians, Khatereh Hatami, ISNA reported.

The group will resume the performance on August 13, with film actress Aylar Noshahri, 35 as the substitute thespian for Tahmasebi. Other cast members are film actress Maedeh Tahmasebi and acclaimed actor Farhad Aeesh, Tahmasebi's husband whose presence on the stage will be in the form of video projection.

Arsen is the story of Arsen, a young boy and Annette, a middle-aged woman on one day. It is translated into Persian by Iranian-Armenian author, literary translator and theater director Andranik Khechoumian, 62, who has served as a cultural bridge between Iran and Armenia.

A product of Sepanta Theater Group, the play is directed by Behzad Sediqi, 48, head of the Association of Playwrights at Iranian Theater Forum (ITF). The play is his adaptation of the original Armenian work.

"Greetings my dear friends, Behzad Sediqi, Maedeh Tahmasebi, Khatereh Hatami, Aylar Noshahri and Mr. Farhad Aeesh," wrote Khodikian in her letter.

"When I received a letter from Andranik Khechoumian, the relentless translator of my plays, two different feelings overwhelmed me: happiness due to the performance of Arsen (also known as 'Have You Ordered Grandchild?') in Tehran, which is an honor for me; and a sad regret for I could not be present on the opening day of the play.

I'm impressed by your great work. I believe, your skills and dedication will find a place in the hearts of the audience … Now that you read my thanks, know that from Yerevan, I'm applauding your group and bow out of respect for the audience. May the God protect us all."

Except Thursdays, Arsen will run through September 6, starting at 8:45 pm. Tickets are available at Tiwall (, a local website on cultural events.


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