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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- Directed by Jafar Mayhari, Beyond the Words, a performance art by Iranian and French players, has gone on stage in France until 1 December.

The Iranian-French coproduction has already played in other parts of France as well. It is now playing in the cities of Saint Etienne, Lyon, Retournac, Saint Christi en Jarez.

Beyond the Words went on stage at the 35th edition of Fajr International Theater Festival in January. A joint production of Zendegi Theater Company and Litecox Company, the play has no dialogue. It uses dramatic techniques, action, video and shadows. The music is composed of natural sounds and melodies.

Beatrice Garnier Ikken and Saeed Abbak are the main cast members.

Beyond the Words tells the story of an old pencil and a young eraser which live in a pencil box. For a long time they have been without news of their owner. The latter used to make his pencil write about negative events, and remove anything that might seem positive to him by using his eraser.

Jafar Mayhari Beyond the Words
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