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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Actor and director Sadreddin Zahed who is also an expert on theater is scheduled to scrutinize the impacts of Iran’s foremost short story writer Sadeq Hedayat on theater in the country during a session in Tehran on Saturday.

The session consists of five parts, the first of which will focus on Hedayat’s life, announced the Iranian Theater Forum that will host the session. 

The second part will review his plays and the third part will provide an analysis of why those people active in theater showed regard for Hedayat's works.

In the fourth part, 72 illustrations created by Hushang Pezeshknia for Hedayat’s short story “Laleh” will be showcased by projection.

His short story “The Legalizer” (“Mohallel”) will be read in the final part.

Source: Tehran Times


Sadeq Hedayat Sadreddin Zahed
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