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TEHRAN. (Iranart) - ‘A Place With the Pigs’ a play by South African playwright, novelist, actor and director Athol Fugard, 85, has been brought on stage at Molavi Theater from Thursday by Masoud Hakimi Nejad.

Despite many of Fugard’s works, the story is not set in South Africa; instead it takes place, as its title indicates, in a pigsty in a small village somewhere in the author’s imagination.

The drama tells of Pavel, a Russian World War II deserter who spends four decades hiding out with his pigs to avoid possible punishment.

Meysam Norouzi, Sara Karimian-Eqbal, Tina Bakhshi and Mahsa Nazari are in the play, according to Tiwall.


A Place With the Pigs Masoud Hakimi Nejad
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