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TEHRAN. (Iranart) - The theatrical piece ‘Not All Thieves Come to Harm You’, also known as ‘The Virtuous Burglar’ a comedy drama written by Italian actor, comedian, playwright and theater director Dario Fo, is to open on April 8 at Senoqteh Theater Complex and will remain on stage through May 5.

When a cat burglar breaks into an apartment he unwittingly unleashes a crisis involving himself, his suspicious wife and three couples. Though entertaining, the play is filled with meaningful details and a momentous ending with a strong message.

Directed by Mehdi Arjmand, the play has Masoud Ashouri, Mansour Rezaei, Elham Rezaei, Farzan Asadian, Sima Haqi, Hasti Moslemzadeh and Omid Davoudvandi in the cast, Tiwall reported.  



Not All Thieves Come to Harm You
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