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TEHRAN. - There are 15,000 rock arts in Kamar Maqbula site.

Ancient region of Kamar Maqbula is located 3km off Torqabeh to the northwest of Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province in the northeast of Iran. The 3,000-year-old site is awaiting registration on the National Heritage List.

There are 15,000 rock arts in Kamar Maqbula site.

Deputy head of Khorasan Razavi Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department said that Kamar Maqbula boasts the highest number of art rocks in Iran.

Hassan Asghari further said that currently, cultural heritage enthusiasts cooperate with Cultural Heritage Protection Unit and play a significant role in safeguarding the art rocks.

He added that Cultural Heritage Protection Unit frequents the region.

Also, Binaloud Governor's Office and Public Prosecutor's Office have taken effective steps to preserve the art rocks.

There are many organizations such as Natural Resources Organization and Industry, Mine and Commerce Department that can assist in preserving the natural-historical region of Kamar Maqbula.

He said the dossier for national registration of Kamar Maqbula has been drawn up.

A region known as 'Kamar Maqbula' is located 3km from Torqabeh and one kilometer from Daghestan Valley. This pristine region is covered with volcanic rocks and has a very nice landscape that is also pleasant for tourists. Close to this valley there is a natural recreational park that is open to interested people and scientific groups.


National Heritage List Kamar Maqbula
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