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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- cclaimed Iranian tar player Ali Qamsari is going to perform concert on Thursday July 13 in Isfahan.

Qamsari’s concert starts at 9 pm and will run for 90 minutes. It is hosted by Khorshid Art Center, affiliated to Isfahan Municipality’s Organization of Culture and Recreation, IMNA ( reported.

At the upcoming concert, Qamsari, 34, will be accompanied by Hossein Rezaeenia, 42, on daf and bendir (frame drums); Kamran Montazeri, 35, on cajon (box drum) and tonbak (goblet drum).

On the sideline of the concert, a workshop will be conducted by Qamsari who is famous for creative solo improvisations.

Khorshid Art Center, the venue of the event, is located next to District 7 Municipality, Chamran Bridge, Kaveh Blvd.


Qamsari Ali Qamsari
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