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TEHRAN.(Iranart) –n its first performance this summer, Iran's National Orchestra (INO) will stage a concert on July 1-2 in the tourist city of Isfahan.

Conducted by veteran composer Fereydoun Shahbazian, 74, the concert will be performed at the historical pavilion Chehel Sotoun located in the city's Ostandari Street.

The event is organized under the auspices of Isfahan Municipality's Cultural Recreational Organization and Roudaki Foundation, ISNA reported.

INO will collaborate with Ali Asghar Shahzeydi, 69, a classical and traditional singer from the host city. Shahzeydi has sung two albums: 'Charkh-e Gardoon' (rotating wheel, a metaphor referring to the changing world) and 'Soroush-e Asemani' (Heavenly Message). A selection of songs from the two albums will be covered in the performance.  

Other pieces of the repertoire include compositions by Shahbazian; also pieces by composer, violinist and songwriter Ali Tajvidi (1919-2006) and by composer Hossein Dehlavi, 90.

The event will also feature Ali Reza Khalaj Esmaili as solo violinist. The orchestra starts at 9 pm at the pavilion, built under the reign of Shah Abbas II (1632-1666), the 7th Safavid ruler  and used for entertainment and receptions. 

The name 'Chelel Sotoun' (40 Pillars) comes from the 20 slender wooden pillars of the pavilion, reflected in the waters of the front pool. 


Iran's National Orchestra (INO)
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