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Vocal music and musical instrument at Roudaki hall/ report of art online from second day of Iranian classic music festival.

the second day of Iranian classic music festival was held by performance of artists such as Hossein Alishapour and Rasool rahoo.
The fulfilment, which has been prepared with focused on Iranian classic music and implementation of common forms was began by duet of Morteza Sanaee Ney player and Shyan Yazdizadeh Tombak player.
Then turn came to Vocal music and musical instrument and singer Hossein Alishapour along with Mohammad Adineh Mohammad Tar lute player came to the scene.
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Alishapour before start of the program told: This music is distinguished Iranian culture and art in the world, and I hope in the future years the festival will take place with more support and widely. Because if we are looking for independent cultural identity there in no other way.
Other part of this festival includes: Tar lute playing, singing of Saadi's sonnets, Group performance, lute instrumentalist and music without lyrics.
First Iranian classic music festival is held by Vocal music and musical instrument institute and with support of music office, music home, music association and Roudaki institute until Dec 14th at Roudaki hall.


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