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TEHRAN. (Iranart) – Hossein Hashempoor: music concert of Golchin sisters holds today at 2:00 pm in Vahdat Hall. Set such times to concert is amazing, of course holding concerts at noon are not belong to yesterday and today.


Women singers don’t have opportunity to have the music album, their only chance to being seen are these concerts which dedicated to women; furthermore, in these years female musicians in other cities have been limited in recent years…this is why holding women concerts at 2 and 3 in the afternoon during the middle of week is oppression to them.; except reduction of audience determine such hours is disrespectful to musicians.


Its amazing why in other cities women concert are facing to serious decrease, few concert which performed are dedicated to Tehran, however, certainly all women from across Iran require such events both from aspect of artistic and social vitality and passion. For famous female musicians like Simin Ghanem, Pari Zanganeh, Pari Maleki, Sima Bita and so on, aren’t permissible that only in Tehran hear their voice echoes, their least right is that every women all around the Iran hear their singing and memories them.


Friends who responded were probably joking that ladies concert is held in hours which audience had been returned to homes before darkness. Some musician told that because whatever they thought didn’t understand why ladies concerts isn’t held at 8 and 9 at night like others.

Hossein Hashempoor
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