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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- President Hassan Rouhani has sent a message to an international conference on the Persian poet and mystic Farid ud-Din Attar Neyshaburi (c. 1145-1221).

The message was read by Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi during the closing day of the meeting at the Iranian Society of Cultural Works and Luminaries, which was the organizer of the conference.

In his message, Rouhani said, “The Persian language is both part of Iran’s life, and the culture and civilization of the Muslim world.”

“Persian has been the language of knowledge, religion, art and literature in the wide world of thought and a deep contemplation of [Attar’s] mystical works would support this claim.”
He noted, “Attar’s poetry and literature promote the language of dialogue,” and added that those who are seeking a moral life need the language.

The conference opened last Friday in Neyshabur, the birthplace of Attar, to commemorate Attar National Day.   


Farid ud-Din Attar Neyshaburi
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