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TEHRAN. (Iranart) - Tehran Vocal Ensemble, also known as Vocapella, is to perform a concert on April 13 at Andisheh Hall at the premises of Hozeh-Honari (Art Bureau), affiliated to the Islamic Development Organization in Tehran.

Led by conductor and composer Milad Omranloo, 41, the ensemble will sing a number of classical compositions, Tiwall reported.

The group’s name is derived from ‘a capella’ (in Italian: in the manner of chapel) which means singing as a group or solo without instrumental accompaniment.

Founded in 2006, the ensemble has introduced a new style in Persian music called mouth music, which can be defined as the vocal imitation of instrumental music. The singers each bring out the sounds of a musical instrument through their vocal chords to produce music in unison.



Tehran Vocal Ensemble
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