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TEHRAN.(Iranart) - T raditional Iranian vocalist and player of setar and santur, Hesameddin Seraj, 58, is giving a concert on Saturday at the Interior Ministry’s auditorium in Tehran, along with two musicians from Turkey.

Titled ‘Songs of Earth,’ the concert will present compositions in Persian, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish melodies, Mehr News Agency reported.

Seraj will be accompanied by acclaimed Turkish musicians Yurdal Tokcan and Erdem Simsek, playing oud and baglama respectively.

Also performing on stage are Iranian musicians Ardeshir Kamkar on kamancheh and Homayoun Nassiri on percussion.

Tickets to the concert are sold by The venue is located at Shahid Gomnam St., Fatemi Sqaure.

In the coming weeks, Seraj will stage a series of concerts performing pieces by composer Majid Derakhshani, the details of which will be announced later.


Hesameddin Seraj Songs of Earth
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