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TEHRAN. (Iranart) - Davlatmand Kholov, a musician and singer from Kulob in Tajikistan will perform at the first Art Festival for Persian Speakers living in Europe.

Kholov is an expert in the southern folk genre of Tajik music called Falak. He performed his music concert on the sidelines of the festival along with groups from Iran and Afghanistan – Homayoun Shajarian. He has already published multiple albums in Tehran.

A multi-instrumentalist, trained in Shashmaqam at the Conservatory of Music in Dushanbe, Kholov is well-known for his works on the two-string dutar, ghijak, and setar which are popular instruments in Central Asia. He plays and sings poetry of the Sufi poets, mainly Persian poet Jalaleddin Rumi.

Davlatmand’s outlook is close to Rumi’s poetry and philosophy. He also belongs to the post-Soviet nationalist school of thought, or is influenced by "Tajikisation", therefore turning his back on Tajik shashmaqam. This can be displayed through his works: "Sawt-i falak" or "The Voices of Falak", where he creates European symphonic settings to tell tales of Tajik life and rural practices.

The Art Festival for Persian Speakers living in Europe is the first of its kind in association with the Persian Cultural Association, formed by Persian, Tajik, and Afghan speakers active in the arts and culture of the Persian speaking world.

The association has launched a number of cultural projects in Europe in recent years with the main goal of promoting the rich Iranian culture which dates back to thousands years ago. The association includes a spectrum of members from various Persian-speaking populations including Iranians, Tajiks and Afghans. It is mainly focused on the promotion of the Persian culture and language across the globe.

The organizers hope the festival can play a role in introducing Iranians’ rich culture and language to the world and establish direct connections with the Iranian artists inside and outside of the country to exchange art and cultural experiences.

In collaboration with the Art and Cultural Association of Persiana, the first Art Festival of Persian Speakers living in Europe will be held in January 2018 in Paris.


Davlatmand Kholov Art Festival for Persian Speakers living in Eu
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