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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- The prominent Iranian translator of French literature Abbas Agahi has rendered more books by Georges Simenon and Frederic Dard into Persian.

Simenon’s “Maigret Is Having Fun” and Dard’s “The Gravediggers’ Bread” have recently been published by Jahan-e Ketab in Tehran.

“Maigret Is Having Fun” is about Maigret, a French detective who decides to take a vacation but finding a young woman’s body changes his plans.

“The Gravediggers’ Bread” tells the story of a poor young man who finds a purse full of money. Trying to find the owner of the money, he ends up a small town.

As a graduate of Paris-Sorbonne University Agahi previously translated several other Simenon’s books such as “Pietr the Latvian”.

He is also the translator of several other books by Dard. 


Jahan-e Ketab “Maigret Is Having Fun The Gravediggers’
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