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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- “Man of Heaven”, a book containing Lebanese-Iranian philosopher and Shia religious leader Musa al-Sadr’s lectures and articles about Imam Ali (AS), will be reviewed during a session in Tehran on August 14.

Imam Ali’s outlook on life, his martyrdom, and the story of Ghadir, the day on which Imam Ali (AS) was appointed as successor to the Prophet Muhammad (S), are among the major topics of the book.

The Islamic science scholar Mohsen Esmaeili who is also a member of the Assembly of Experts will deliver a speech at the session, which is scheduled to be organized at the Imam Musa Sadr Cultural Research Institute located at 10 Abdolkarim Shariati Lane, Hafte Tir Square.

Published by the Imam Musa Sadr Cultural Research Institute, the book has been translated into Persian by Ahmad Nazem.

In August 1978, Musa al-Sadr, also known as Imam Musa Sadr, disappeared with two aides on his way to attend ceremonies commemorating Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi’s ascent to power.

When he was not seen in Tripoli, it was said he had left for Italy. While his fate is not known, it was widely suspected that he was kidnapped at the behest of Gaddafi, who may have viewed him as a religious rival.

source: Tehran Times

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