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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- A number of Iranian literati will come together during a session at the House of Writers in Tehran today to review American historian Rudi Matthee’s “The Pursuit of Pleasure: Drugs and Stimulants in Iranian History, 1500-1900” translated into Persian by Mani Salehi-Allameh.

Published in 2005 by Princeton University Press, the book examines both the intoxicants known since ancient times, wine and opiates, and the stimulants introduced later, tobacco, coffee and tea, from multiple angles.

It brings together production, commerce and consumption to reveal the forces behind the spread and popularity of these consumables, showing how Iranians adapted them to their own needs and tastes, and integrated them into their everyday lives.

Salehi-Allameh, scholars Ebrahim Musapur and Seyyed Saeid Mir-Mohammad-Sadeq are scheduled to deliver speeches during the meeting, which will begin at 4 pm. 

A Persian version of the book has recently been published by Namak Publications in Tehran. 

source: Tehran Times

Pursuit of Pleasure
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