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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Director of Iran’s Saba Animation Center Mohammad-Rahim Livani has said that the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and relevant organizations need to be cautious about BBC Persian Television’s new decision to air children’s programs.

He made the remarks in a press conference held at the center on Tuesday to introduce the summer programs of the center.

“BBC Persian Television’s decision to produce programs for children shows the highly significant status of children. However, we know the background of the news channel and we know what objectives the channel pursues,” he noted.

“Although we have been sanctioned in the economic fields, we are so rich in culture and can fight against them on cultural issues,” he asserted. 

“Our productions enjoy such high-quality levels that they are purchased by international companies. Therefore, it helps promote a type of culture which is rooted in our lifestyle outside the country,” he said.

BBC Persian Television, the BBC’s Persian language news channel, which is officially viewed as an enemy medium in Iran, has begun airing a special program for children during the summer season.

source: Tehran Times

Mohammad-Rahim Livani
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