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TEHRAN, (IRANART)- Children’s writer Hushang Moradi Kermani’s autobiography “You’re No Stranger Here” has recently been published in French.

Published by the London-based Iranian-British company Candle and Fog, the book has been rendered into French by Mitra Farzad.

The book has also been translated into Arabic by Khariyyah Dammak Qasim, an assistant professor and head of the Persian Department at the University of Baghdad.

In addition, an English translation of “You’re No Stranger Here” by U.S. scholar Caroline Croskery was introduced at the 29th Tehran International Book Fair last May.

Moradi Kermani, 72, is mostly known for “The Stories of Majid”, which was turned into a TV series by Kiumars Purahmad.

He writes for children and teenagers although his works also appeal to adults.

Many of his works, including “The Water Urn” and “A Sweet Jam”, have been translated into several languages around the world.

Source: Tehran Times



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