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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Austrian writer Alois Hotschnig says he will not stop writing because he wants to visit Iran frequently.

The writer made the remarks in a session held at the Book City Institute in Tehran last week for reading one of his stories as part of Austria Reads, Austria’s largest literary festival, the Book City Institute announced.

“While I was writing ‘Ludwig’s Room’, I never thought it would take me to Tehran someday. Therefore I will never stop writing because I want to come to Iran more and more,” he said.

Hotschnig also said that as a writer he believes his duty is to recognize the situation in which people are living. 

He said that as a writer he considers himself a doctor who tries to find out the problem of a society, and find out what has caused the loneliness of a person.

“I do not mean to say man is lonely and is condemned to death but, just like a doctor, I try to diagnose the illness and begin searching to find medicine for the loneliness as an illness,” he stated.

Translator Ali-Asghar Haddad accompanied the writer during the session.

Hotschnig is the winner of the Erich Fried Prize in 2008. “Ludwig’s Room”, “Maybe This Time”, “Absolution” and “Leonardo’s Hands” are among his noteworthy credits.

The thirteenth edition of Austria’s largest literary festival “Austria Reads” took place from October 15 to 21, during which reading and libraries were promoted throughout the country.

Source: Tehran Times


Alois Hotschnig
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