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TEHRAN --(Iranart)- Tehran’s Book City Institute plans to review an Italian version of “The Book of Light”, a book which includes facts and sayings of the 9th century Persian Sufi Bayazid Bastami in a session set for October 23.

The book has been translated into the Italian language by Persian scholar Nahid Norozi, a research fellow at the University of Bologna, and has been published by Ester Publishing House in Turin in April 2018.

The original version was compiled by Muhammad Ibn ‘Ali al-Sahlaji in Arabic, and has been corrected and translated into Persian by Abdorrahman Badavi and Persian Poet Mohammadreza Shafiei Kadkani.

Italian and Iranian scholars including Fabio Tiddia, Maryam Hosseini, Maraym Moshref and Nahid Norozi are expected to attend the review session.

source: Tehran Times

The Book of Light
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