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TEHRAN.(Iranart) - A collection of critical essays by French semiotician Roland Barthes is now available in Persian.

The book “Elements of Semiology” has been translated by researcher and translator Farzaneh Dousti from English into Persian, and published by Elmi Farhangi Publication, Book City website reported.

Originally published under the title “Éléments de Sémiologie” in French in 1964, it was translated into English by Annette Lavers and Colin Smith in 1968.

According to, in his critical essay Barthes suggests that although linguist Ferdinand de Saussure conceived of linguistics as a branch of semiology, but semiology should rather be seen as a branch of linguistics.

In the introduction to his book Barthes indicates the elements of semiology are categorized under four main headings borrowed from structural linguistics: language and speech, signified and signifier, syntagm and system and denotation and connotation.”

Roland Gérard Barthes (1915-1980) was a French literary theorist, philosopher, linguist, critic, and semiotician. His ideas explored a diverse range of fields and influenced the development of schools of theory including structuralism, semiotics, social theory, design theory, anthropology and post-structuralism.

source: Financial Tribune

Roland Barthes
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