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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Cultural Heritage Office of Tous in Khorasan Razavi Province has organized a special program on the occasion of National Ferdowsi Day (May 15), a day that commemorates the celebrated Persian poet Abolqasem Ferdowsi, at the poet’s tomb in Tous.

As part of the program, the Baysonghor Shahnameh, one of the most important and famous illustrated manuscripts of Shahnameh (book of kings) by Ferdowsi, is to go on display for the first time, YJC reported on its Persian website. 

Work on this manuscript started in 1426 on the order of Baysonghor Mirza (1397-1433), grandson of the Central Asian leader Timur (1336-1405), and was completed four years later. The book which has been kept at in Tehran’s Golestan Palace is regarded as a masterpiece of Persian miniature.

Value of the manuscript is not only because of its text, as it is one of the most complete manuscripts of Shahnameh, but also due to the art used in creating the work. Written in nastaliq script, it has 346 pages and 21 miniatures of the Herat School and is one of the most important works of this school. Herat School is a 15th-century style of miniature painting that flourished in Herat, western Afghanistan.



Display of Baysonghor
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