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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Written Heritage Research Center in Tehran will hold a meeting on “Pictorial Account of Tablets and Bas Reliefs in Khuzestan.”

Ancient rock art, inscriptions, tablets, stone sculptures, gravestones, bas-reliefs and rock reliefs in the southern province will be reviewed in a meeting Monday at the research center, according to the website of the center,

It is the 106th meeting of the leading center organized in collaboration with the Association of Iranian Studies founded in January in agreement with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. 

The association is a scientific body distinct from Iranology Society which was founded by the scholar of Iranian studies Ebrahim Pourdavoud in 1945. It also is independent of the Iranology Foundation that was created in 1997 and the International Society of Iranian Studies founded in 1967.

Philologist and author Mahmoud Jafari Dehqi, head of the board of directors of the newly-founded association will address the meeting. The other speaker is archaeologist and freelance writer Maliheh Mehdiabadi.



Pictorial Account of Tablets and Bas Reliefs in Khuzestan.
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