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TEHRAN (Iranart) - A rtisan Yousef Etminan, 28, from Shiraz, capital of Fars Province, has received a certificate of first degree art from the evaluation council of the Culture Ministry.

Equivalent to PhD, the certificate was granted for his mastery in the art of khatam and the contributions he made to promotion of the art, Mehr News Agency reported. Khatam is an Iranian version of marquetry or inlaying. Khatam or khatam-kari (khatam work) is native to Iran. It is an art form for decorating surfaces with delicate pieces of wood, shell or metal in intricate geometric patterns. Etminan learnt the art from his father, also a recipient of the first degree art certificate. In recent years, the young artist has conducted training courses resulting in the emergence of skilled craftsmen.


Yousef Etminan
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