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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- A lineup of Iranian feature and short movies will go on screen at the Action on Film Festival (AOF), which will open in the U.S. city of Las Vegas on Thursday.

The lineup has been arranged for the World Cinema section, which will also screen films from Poland, the organizers announced.

“A Long Day” directed by Babak Bahrambeigi, “A Missed Call” by Shahab Abroshan, “The Sis” by Marjan Ashrafizadeh, “A Moon in Vane” by Ali Drerakhshandeh, “Ani’s Apartment” by Tofiq Amani, “Apricot Groves” by Puria Heidari, and “Another House” by Behnush Sadeqi are among the films.

The lineup also includes “Being Awake in Fantasy” by Saeid Rezai, “By Its Little Wings” by Kaveh Marhamati, “Cold Breath” by Abbas Raziji and “Day Off” by Aidin Pedari.

The festival will come to an end on August 26. 


“A Long Day” “The Sis” Festival (AOF) “A Missed Call”
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