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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Fifteen feature films will be competing in Cinema Salvation, the official competition of the 37th Fajr International Film Festival, the organizers announced on Monday.

Sweet Agony 2 by Alireza Davudnejad, Dance with Me! by Sorush Sehat and The Charcoal by Esmaeil Monsef, all from Iran, will be competing in this section.

A Russian Youth by Alexander Zolotukhin from Russia, Before the Frost by Michael Noer from Denmark, Joel by Carlos Sorin from Argentina, Spring Sparrow by Jingxiang Li from China and Erased, a co-production from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia by Slovenian director Miha Mazzini are also among the films.

Bille, a co-production from Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic by Latvian director Inara Kolmane, Wackersdorf by Oliver Haffner from Germany and Werewolf, a co-production between Poland and Germany by Polish director Adrian Panek will also go on screen in this section.

The lineup also includes Irina by Nadejda Koseva from Bulgaria, Widow of Silence by Praveen Morchhale from India, A Shelter among the Clouds by Robert Budina from Albania and Belonging, a co-production from Turkey, Canada and France by Turkish director Burak Cevik.

In addition, Cinema Salvation will also screen 15 shorts films, including Disrupted by Sun-yong Bak from South Korea, Excess Will Save Us by Morgane Dziurla-Petit from Sweden, Good Intentions by Anna Mantzaris from England, Hurlevent by Frederic Doazan from France and The World Cup in a Square by Vito Palmieri from Italy.

Delirium co-directed by Vahid and Navid Hosseini-Nami, Each Other by Sara Tabibzadeh and Pause by Pegah Ansari, all from Iran, will also compete in this section.

The 37th Fajr International Film Festival will open in Tehran on Thursday and will continue until April 26.

source: Tehran Times

37th Fajr International Film Festival
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