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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Director Fereydoun Jeyrani has said the home video network in Iran has taken the place of Private TV channels as no organization or person are allowed to launch a private channel in the country.

“The home video network has taken the place of private TV channels in Iran,” he told the Persian service of ISNA on Monday following the premiere of his series “Blue Whale” at Tehran’s Book Garden Cineplex.

The series was also released in the Iranian home video network on Monday. 

“If any private TV channels are allowed to work in Iran, the home video network will no longer exist in the country,” Jeyrani said.

“The home video network currently works under the government, which wants to cover the stories that are not allowed to be recounted on the state-run TV,” he added.

He said that the home video network gives the Iranian filmmakers more freedom from the regular governmental controls.

However, he noted that filmmakers take a bit of a risk in working for the home video network.

Source:Tehran Times


Blue Whale Fereydoun Jeyrani
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