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TEHRAN.(Iranart) - 29 short, documentary and feature films, dedicated to Iranian cinema, will be showcased at the 8th ÍRÁN:CI, the Festival of Iranian Films in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

The eighth edition of Írán:Ci, the Festival of Iranian Films, will open in Brno on Jan. 15 and will continue at Bratislava, as well as at other venues in Prague until Jan. 26.

The festival will have a feature film competition, documentaries, and special screenings. There will be a short film competition for the second time. Several directors will come to Prague to attend the screenings. 

The Charmer', 'The Graveless', 'Reza', 'Pig', 'No Date, No Signature', 'Invasion', 'Here', 'Hendi and Hormoz', 'Dressage', 'Bomb, a Love Story', '3 Faces'

'Finding Farideh', 'Ali Aqa', 'Women with Gunpowder Earrings', 'Beloved', 'Stronger Than a Bullet', 'Things We Do Not Say'

'Like a Good Kid', 'Umbra', 'Bitter Sea', 'Exit Toll', 'Marlon', 'Birthday Night', 'Voltage', 'Moon in a Wane', 'Lunch Time', 'Double'

'Bag of Rice', 'Willow and Wind'

The Festival of Iranian Films was established in Prague in 2011 to present the Czech audience with an annual selection of the best of Iranian cinema. The project has grown into a platform for other forms of Iranian art, including music, theater, visual arts and graphic design. 

Source: Mehr News


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