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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – “Wolf and the Herd” directed by Amir-Hushang Moein has been the big winner at the Tenth Iran Independent Animation Celebration taking the awards for best animated short movie of the year and best animated effects.

Based on a poem collection of the same title by children’s book writer Afsaneh Shaban-nejad, the animation has been produced at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).

“Roobi and Chickens: A Passenger from Space” co-directed by Babak Nekooei and Behnoud Nekooei was selected as best series of the year.

Produced in 26 episodes, the serial is about an alien that comes into a forest with his spaceship in search of food and ends up in the house of a fox named Roobi. Roobi realizes that the alien can help him solve his problem involving a rooster who lives nearby. 

Sadeq Javadi received the award for best director for “The Fox”, which also won the award for best production design created by Javadi and Shahram Kharazmi. 

The movie is about a young fox who, on the verge of experiencing first love, gets trapped by a hunter. The Hunter ties his dog’s collar bell on the fox’s neck and leaves him in the woods. And then the fox begins his struggle to survive and love and revenge.

“The Fearful Night of Lomo” directed by Sareh Shafieipur won the award for character design. Mehdi Alibeigi and Mehdi Shiri received the award for their collaboration in the project.

The award for best writing went to “Icky” by director and writer Parastu Kardgar. It tells the story of a kid, who lives in a world of people with Rubik’s cube heads and he is different from the others.

The best music award was presented to composers Fardin Khalatbari and Ali Qamsari for their collaboration in “The Sixth String” directed by Bahram Azimi.

“Hide-and-Seek” created by Armin Bahari won the award for best sound effects. 

Source: Tehran Times


Wolf and the Herd Iran Independent Animation Celebration
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