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TEHRAN –(Iranart)- Four Iranian films will be screening in different sections of the 27th St. Louis International Film Festival, which is scheduled to be held in the eastern central U.S. from November 1 to 11.

“Lunch Time” by Alireza Qasemi will be competing in the Narrative Shorts: Girl’s Life category, the organizers have announced.

The film is about a 16-year-old girl who is forced to deal with the harsh bureaucracy and the responsibility of identifying the body of her mother.

“Injured” by Mohammad-Hossein Abedini and “Light Sight” by Seyyed Moslem Tabatabai will be screened in the Kids Family Shorts section.

“Light Sight” is about a creature named M.E. who is fascinated by a white light outside its room. It tries to reach the light but there are obstacles in the way.

“Injured” tells the story of a little girl who tries to find out the secret of the truck that is parked in front of her house.

The Narrative Shorts will screen “Maned & Macho” by Shiva Sadeq-Asadi.

“Maned and Macho” is about a girl’s repressed emotions and instincts, which are embodied in some animals that come out of her dreams. 

source: Tehran Times

St. Louis International Film Festival
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