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TEHRAQN.(Iranart) - Morteza Atash-Zamzam is in the process of making a feature film on the desiccation of Zayandehroud, the largest river in Iran’s central plateau.

Zayandehroud originates in the mountains of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province and flows eastward toward Isfahan before ending up in Gavkhouni Wetland. 

Titled “Simin,” the film will address children and young adults and deals with the reasons behind the drought in the  Zayandehroud basin. Unrestrained urbanization, outdated and costly farming practices and the presence of water-intensive industries such as Mobarakeh Steel Company have put mounting pressure on the dwindling water resources of the basin, Azad News Agency reported on its Persian website.


Morteza Atash-Zamzam
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