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TEHRAN.(Iranart) - Actress and theater director Elham Pavehnejad has staged her play “Chez Pulcherie” at Shahrzad Theater Complex.

The one-act monologue is a work of French author, comedian and playwright Alain Vettese, 66. Titled “Café Pulcherie” in Persian, the play has Pavehnejad playing the role of Pulcherie as the only performer, reported.

It shows Pulcherie busy cleaning her café and thinking aloud. She contemplates all that occurred at the café over several years and comments on them.

Among the regulars of the café was a lonely young man often sitting at a corner, writing poetry. Pulcherie takes a liking to the man. But when she finally decides to tell him about her feelings it is a bit too late. She finds out that he has committed suicide by jumping out of his apartment building.

Located at the intersection of Razi and Neauphle-le-Chateau streets, the venue is scheduled to host the performance through June 22.



Elham Pavehnejad Chez Pulcherie
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