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TEHRAN.(Iranart) - Abed Abest’s debut feature ‘Simulation’ has been accepted into the competition section of four international film festivals in Georgia, Czech Republic, and US.

Simulation’ is the first feature length movie of Abed Abest, the Iranian director from southern city of Bandar Abbas.

The 84-minute drama tells the story of a tragic accident with events unfolding in reverse-chronological order. Shot on a soundstage with clean, crystalline cinematography and dream-like intrusions, the film recounts the story of three young people who are searching for a source of entertainment at the weekend. When they decide to pay a visit to the place of an old man with whom they are not fully familiar, they encounter new events.

‘Simulation’ will first appear in the 18th edition of Tbilisi Film Festival in Georgia on 4-10 Dec., and then will go to the 7th Iranian Film Festival, Prague, in Czech Republic. It will finally vie for top prizes at the 23rd Boston Festival of Films from Iran and the 22nd Iranian Film Festival of Washington DC, in the United States.

Maryam Shafie of Hich Film is the producer of the film but the rights of distribution in the North America belongs to Gravitas Venture. The International distributor of the film is owned by Iranian Independents.


Simulation Abed Abest
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