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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Iranian director Amir-Masud Aqababaian’s movie “Mermaid” has been nominated for the best film award at the Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes in the Special Award category, Iran’s Art Bureau announced on Monday.

The film is about Yunes, a survivor of a diving team from the Iran-Iraq war, who lives beside the Persian Gulf and tries to prove the oil companies are responsible for the water pollution in the gulf.

The Special Award is organized in collaboration with the Cineport International Media, an Iranian film distribution company. 

The award is presented in the categories of best film, best short, best screenplay, best short screenplay and best documentary by filmmakers from the Middle East.

The festival will be held in the French town from November 25 to 30 and the winners of the Special Award will be announced during a ceremony on November 28.


Mermaid Amir-Masud Aqababaian Mediterranean Film Festival Canne
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