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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- F ilmmaker Tahmineh Milani’s latest movie ‘Untaken Paths’ hit cinema screens across Iran on Sept. 13.

One of the prominent woman directors in the country, in this film she delivers her feminist view of the society in which a young girl who secretly starts an affair with a boy. However, when her strictly traditional family learns about the affair, she has no choice but to marry him, reported. Milad Keymaram, Mahour Alvand, Jamshid Hashempour and Elsa Firouz-Azar are in the cast among others. The social drama is on show in Tehran at 26 cinemas including Kourosh, Azadi, Mega Mall, Mellat, Charsou, Zendegi, Arg and Raga cineplexes as well as Sepideh, Bahman, Pirouzi, Shokoufeh, Iran and Mandana cinemas.



Untaken Paths ahmineh Milani’s
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