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TEHRAN – (Iranart)- M ajid Barzegar’s award-winning film ‘Parviz’ is on show at Charsou Cineplex in downtown Tehran.

 A dark comedy, the film is about Parviz, a 50-year-old bachelor, who finds his free ride in life ending when his widowed father makes plans to remarry, reported. Levon Haftvan, Mahmoud Behrozian, Ali Ramez, Homeira Nonahali, Mehdi Shirdel and Abouzar Farhadi are in the cast. The movie has attended over 30 international film festivals and won several awards including the award for the best film at the 2013 International Film Festival of Kerala in India and best actor award for Iranian-Armenian actor Haftvan at the 2014 Dhaka International Film Festival.


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