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TEHRAN.(Iranart) – Three Iranian films will go on screen at the Adelaide Film Festival, which will be held in the Australian city from October 5 to 15.

“A Man of Integrity” by Mohammad Rasoulof will be screened in the official competition while “Retouch” by Kaveh Mazaheri and “Achieve” by Mohammadreza Minapur will compete in the short film section.

“A Man of Integrity” is about a goldfish farmer who is battling corporate oppression in northern Iran.

“Retouch” is about a young woman whose husband is trapped under a barbell during a workout, but she declines to save him and, consequently, he dies.

“Achieve” tells the story of an Afghan couple who want to cross Iran’s borders and immigrate to Europe though numerous problems stand in their way.


Adelaide Film Festival
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